Some of my work besides surfing

Some of my other work besides surfing photography is doing Weddings, Family portraits and just pretty much telling the story. For me its similar to surfing because those moments are happening in that instant and they would never repeat and thats exactly how waves are. So I have to be with my eyes open and freeze that moment to be able to tell the story afterwards through an image.

You can check more of my other work on this button below.

Evening colors.jpg
France has been delivering the sick mini
Oscar _hotzonesurfportugal and his crazy
The mexpipe show room.jpg
When the water and the sky become
My monday is over.jpg
I just cant get enough of this view.jpg
Mediterrenean sunsets.jpg
The time when everything is gold.jpg
Little mini ones in the
Shaka to everyone yewww _#shaka #yew #su
Just had a fun evening session .jpg
Darkside of surf 😆__#surf #dark #darksi
Weekend is just at the end of the tunel.
French evening sessions perfections.jpg